Brymbo Developments Ltd (‘BDL’) are bringing forward their proposals for the development of Brymbo Park. Brymbo Park is a comprehensive mixed used development, that affords the local community considerable benefits.  The proposals are led by BDL’s aspiration to bring forward a new 2FE primary school; community facilities; shopping and leisure opportunities. Brymbo benefits from a rich industrial heritage and BDL continues work with the community for the heritage areas which could deliver significant inward investment subject to planning.

The local community will be aware that an outline planning application for a larger site area was submitted to the Council in July 2020 and is pending consideration. Unfortunately, despite the considerable benefits that the redevelopment of the site will bring, BDL have not been able to gain the support from the Wrexham County Borough Council for this development and the promotion of the site through the Wrexham Local Development Plan examination has taken longer than anticipated (the examination is due to reopen on 1st September 2020). BDL have therefore taken the decision to submit a planning application for a smaller site area centred on the main Brymbo plateau. This is referred to as Brymbo Lite.

The reason for BDL submitting Brymbo Lite is because if we do not, the school, Heritage Benefits and town centre will be lost for some considerable time and in the case of the Heritage Benefits in perpetuity. BDL are submitting Brymbo Lite in order to ensure that Wrexham Council can agree an acceptable planning permission to BDL that delivers those benefits to the community in a timely fashion. We are informed that the funding for the school is in place, the Lotteries have made an award of £9m for the Heritage Areas, and BDL have interest in both medical, supermarket and retail occupiers on site. If the planning is delayed any longer, the community is likely to lose a significant proportion of those benefits.

The initial infrastructure is already in place to allow a swift start on site and it is anticipated that following the grant of outline planning permission in late 2020 (BDL have asked Wrexham Council to prioritise the residents of Brymbo and deliver a swift consent without any further delay to this development), the first residential dwellings and the District Centre will start to be delivered in 2021.

BDL also received a renewed outline planning permission for residential development at Land at Heritage Way, Tanyfron on 29th July 2020. BDL are currently progressing the marketing of this site to ensure the delivery of these new homes.